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Incorporated in 2004, V-TOL Aerospace is a Queensland based drone service, solutions and support provider. We are a 100% Australian owned SME & holder of CASA ARN: 750 709 & Unmanned Operator Certificate (ReOC) 0074.

V-TOL operates, supplies, designs, manufactures, and supports Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). We provide drone services to organisations and professionals entering this dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. We also support organisations from initial concept to sustainable commercial drone operations and CASA approved drone pilot training.

V-TOL Aerospace’s drone services has worked with clients across the globe offering tailored solution and support to ensure best results. We have provided Drone services, solutions and support to humanitarian and aid organisations for rapid disaster management and relief, developing drone regulations and procedures for pacific island nations, product and technology R&D in agricultural and livestock management, law enforcement and emergency services, council compliance, mining surveys, environmental rehabilitation, animal conservation and many other fields.

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V-TOL's survey and inspection services were fast, efficient and accurate, providing high resolution maps and videography throughout our farm. I highly recommend V-TOL's services.
Jeff Flood, Australian Wild Camel Corporation, May 2018
V-TOL's staff have been exemplary and invaluable in enabling us to deliver our RePL courses, providing a professional and unmatched service as well as state of the art training aircraft.
Frank Martin, Australian Unmanned Systems Academy, May 2018
V-TOL's expertise in both regulatory approvals and operational matters enabled success during our HALE aircraft development, while also reducing risk and ensuring safety of operations.
Byron Bignoux, NearSat, May 2018
V-TOL Aerospace provided exemplary flight services for our BVLOS trials of our UTM and integrating it with civil and military airspace. Their in-depth knowledge and experience in the field ensured success where others would have struggled. Highly recommended
John Thynne, Relmatech, May 2018
V-TOL Aerospace have been a pleasure to operate with, providing a smooth and efficient drone flight service over a number of operations and jobs.
Stefan Hrabar, Data61, May 2018
V-TOL Aerospace has always provided a high quality, enthusiastic service for us, enabling new and exciting drone operations saving our business time and money. They have always approached new challenges with vigor and professionalism, and as a result have continued to use there services.
John Mordacz, Ergon, May 2018
V-TOL Aerospace provided unparalleled support and services, providing training on fixed wing and multirotor aircraft. V-TOL also supplied us with their Goshawk fixed wing aircraft and helped us through the regulatory approvals process, as well as flight services and OJT. Their general support and services has been exemplary and would highly recommend V-TOL to anyone who requires the highest quality outcome.
Martin Leggat, New Hope Group, May 2018

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