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Remote Aerial Services operates two types of UAVs.
Our DJI Phantom4 is utilised to undertake quantative surveying. We also provide photography and video for residential, rural and commercial properties.
Our other UAV variant is Yamaha’s RMAX Helicopter. The RMAX helicopter is designed specifically for the Agricultural Industry. It weighs 99kg, has a total length of 3.6m and a height of 1.08m and is powered by a liquid cooled, 2-stroke, 250cc engine. The new technology allows operators to spray weeds, crops or spread seed in any terrain in a more cost effective and accurate manner. Spraying dangerous aquatic weeds or accessing uneven, sloping, wet or rocky ground is all part of the package.
Operation of the RMAX unmanned helicopter is regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia with the business and pilots required to be licensed by CASA to operate in Australian Airspace.

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