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Drone Boys is one of Australia’s Premier operators, and their chief pilot Damien Bredberg, brings a unique and unmatched approach to their work.

As one of the most awarded and respected photographers/directors in the country, Damien doesn’t come from an RC background like many of today’s pilots. And because of Damien’s background, his approach and priorities for Drone Boys is completely different. Rather than showing off the aggression or attitude of the aircraft, the teams focus is about the cinematography and creative fundamentals (lighting, composition, story telling) to give the client more valuable and varied content. Matched with hundreds of hours piloting & expertise in remote controlled flight, makes Drone Boys the perfect partner and value add for your production.

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just super easy to work with and super skilled with all the gear.
Marcel, PRISM, Jan 2018
Arrived on time, Good to deal with, Supplied good images, videos or survey data, Reasonable cost,

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