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Residential property Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture Emergency Services


Ausurv Surveyors now services many industries using their range of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

• Mining
• Environment
• Oil & Gas
• Government
• Real estate
• Agriculture
• Emergency Services
• Asset Inspection
• Private projects

Using both fixed-wing and multi-rotor platforms, imagery can be obtained in remote areas where access can be difficult or where safety is paramount. Utilising survey grade RPAS and modern photogrammetry software, we can reduce the required field time to deliver your project needs.

• Fixed wing: SenseFly eBee (RTK & standalone)
• Multi rotor: DJI Inspire 1 Pro

• Multi-spectral & RGB combined
• RGB with zoom

All our data is georeferenced & can be used for field scouting with the aid of GPS or combined with conventional survey data for improved usability. Outputs can be custom made to suit your business.
• 2D orthomosaicks (RGB)
• 3D Surface & terrain models
• 3D visualisations
• Contours
• Volume reports
• CAD overlay imagery
• Progress reports (images)
• Asset inspection images
• Marketing & real estate imagery
• Search & rescue / Hazmat scenario live video and imagery
• Multi-spectral data reflectance maps
• Vegetation health analysis (Vegetation Indices)

• Baseline & feasibility studies
• Site planning survey
• Terrain modelling
• Stockpile volumes
• Pit calculations
• Project progress (EOM)
• Corridor mapping
• Agricultural crop health analysis & monitoring
• Vegetation mapping & multi-spectral data analysis for crop health
• Marketing
• Asset inspection

• Increased safety
• Reduced impact on the environment
• Increased productivity
• Faster data turn-around deliverables
• Cost effective (considerably cheaper than Satellite & manned aircraft)
• Highly accurate (sub 40mm horizontal accuracy @ 3cm pixel size)
• Complete documentation of project stages

Do you have a problem that might be solved from the air?
Contact us & we will help you try and solve it.

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