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Business / corporate video Residential property Commercial property Asset or industrial inspection

We provide
Aerial Photography
Aerial Videography
Raw and Edited Video

We work on location with

Real Estate Agents
Property Owners
Business Owners
Construction Companies
and anyone who requires our services.


Commercial Real Estate
Residential Real Estate
Acreage Real Estate
Building Inspections
Business Promotion
Construction Sites
Asset Inspections
Roof Inspections

Our pilots also have the ability of autonomous (way point) flights which are repeatable for time lapse videos, project monitoring and construction site progress.

All Flights over properties are completed by trained CASA Accredited RPA pilots (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) operators using professional-grade RPA platforms and cameras.

With the ability to accomplish a saved route, getting over tough terrain, such as thick forests, can be accomplished by our RPA’s.

What you cannot do on foot because of access to the property, you can accomplish from the air. This is an important attribute of our RPA system as it makes just about any property a very good candidate for Aerial Photography or Video.

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