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Film & TV Business / corporate video Residential property Commercial property Events (e.g. sport, wedding, festival) Golf course Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture Emergency Services Other

We provide:
- Residential and commercial real estate photography
- Building roof and facade inspection
- Asset inspection of hazardous areas
- 360 Panoramas for web and VR
- Background plates for 3d rendering
- Videography and Cinematography

Single-man operations on DJI S900 with Panasonic DMC-GH4. 4k and 1080p filming for television and online broadcast.

Reach out to us today at: 0401 097 304 or [email protected]

Cinematography and Videography
Up Up Up can execute your shots with precision-- we work closely with directors and DPs to ensure your aerial shot is achieved.

We pride ourselves in having some of the smoothest moves around, and strive for dynamic shots in crisp 4k. Our chief UAV pilot operates the drone and camera gimbal simultaneously which gives you the most agile and fast option for a drone crew on set.

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Arrived on time, Good to deal with, Supplied good images, videos or survey data, Reasonable cost
Sarah Cragg, Jul 2016
Great, local operator. Easy service to connect with operator. Good experience.
Sam Groves, Mar 2016

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