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I’m a RePL 25kg Pilot. I grew up in western Qld on cattle stations most my youth life, moved to Townsville & was a bricklayer for 12yrs so I learnt a lot about construction & agriculture which has helped so much with what I’m doing or thinking of with my drones. I’ve mainly been agricultural mustering all sorts of Animals from cattle, horses, pigs & relocating mustering brolgas, cookatoos & about to start with bats. I’ve custom designed a poison pellet dropper device only one of it kind! It fits my DJI S1000 big drone that I can drop GrassLand pellets, it’s cost $10000-$15000 a tonne for grassland so on open flats & where prickly acacia, rubbervine & Chinee apple ect are spread out the lawn seed spreader other drone companies make would just spray it wasting so much every tree. Compared to a 4WD or 4 Wheeler I can cover way more ground faster saving time. I’ve proven to move 300+ Brolgas & thousands of Cockatoos within weeks to pretty much all gone & cookatoos gone for 3mths. I’ve been filming abit click on the Facebook link to see them all. With mapping I’ve used DroneDeploy software mapping 2D, 3D, plant health, elevations which still playing with Contours & GCP Grond Control Points to have hole map within centimetres heights. I’d like to be given chance to do mining stockpiles & volumes. All 3 of my drones are DJI a S1000, Phantom4 Advanced & Phantom4, I also have DJI goggles that’s great on mustering. I’ve joined FlyFreely as my ReOC. I’m planning on getting my night license next

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