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Hi All,

I just wanted to give everyone an insight into what services we can provide as most people assume drones are predominantly used for photography or videography. I have been a surveyor for almost 12 years and a mine surveyor for the last 6 years and have used drones for all types of modelling and photography. Here at SkyMap we strive to deliver the most cost-effective highest quality data collection you can achieve. Listed below are some of the services we can provide:

3D Modelling and Surveying
- Volumetric Surveys/ Stockpile Volumes
- End Of Month Stockpile Reconciliation
- Open pit mining/ Quarries/ Aggregates
- Construction/ Earthworks
- Urban Planning
- Contour Mapping/ Mosaic Mapping
- Coastal and River Erosion/Sediment Modelling
- Water Management/ Drainage Mapping
- Forestry Management

Remote Inspections
- Powerline/Substation/Radio Tower Inspections
- Wind Turbine Inspections
- Solar Farm Inspections/Mapping
- Building Roof inspections
- Pipeline Inspections
- Port/ Shipment Inspections

Aerial Monitoring
- Search and Rescue
- Crop and Livestock Monitoring
- Shark/Croc Spotting
- Agricultural Inspection and Monitoring
- Insurance Assessments/Claims

Photography and Videography

If you have any queries at all please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Kyle McKenzie, was professional and very easy to deal with. Will definitely recommend his services.
Mervyn, Mar 2019

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