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Business / corporate video Residential property Commercial property Events (e.g. sport, wedding, festival) Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture

I operate a DJI Mavik Pro which is a sub-2kg remote piloted aircraft (RPA). This is the perfect solution for small businesses which require asset inspections and/or mapping/surveying imagery.

The benefit of the sub-2kg RPA is that is has a small footprint (being low noise and very small size when compared to larger commercial RPA) whilst maintaining key features such as 4K Ultra HD video, 12MP camera, long battery life and obstacle detection safety sensors.

My goal is to provide you with exceptional service at a competitive price.

Please be aware that I operate under the following rules:

- Maximum altitude of 120m
- Daytime only
- Line of sight flight
- No flying closer than 30 metres from other people
- No flying over or above people
- No flying within 5.5km of controlled aerodromes (eg Sydney airport, Camden airport)

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