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Drone Surveys Australia is a boutique UAV agency and air mapping business, servicing both metropolitan and regional Australia.

We photograph buildings, constructions and land from the air, using advanced drone technology. Our services replace the need for helicopters and abseilers, which place people’s lives at risk.

All of our pilots are CASA certified (RePL holders) and fully insured. We adhere to the highest safety levels. We love our drones, and what we do, however everything comes second to safety.

Our chief pilot has been flying for over 20 years. All pilots carry an AROC (Aerial Radio Certificate), enabling them to speak with manned aircraft.

Drone Surveys Australia offer a cohesive team of experienced professionals. We are not a one-man operation, and safety is integral to every aspect of every job.

Our business operates a number of aircraft. We take advantage of the latest technology, including large powerful drones for mapping, and micro drones capable of flying inside air ducts.

Recent advances in drone technology, enables us to provide industry and commerce with real-time access to video and photo scans. These were previously cost prohibitive, and or carried too high an inherent risk with manned aircraft. Inspections can now be undertaken in a safe, cost-effective, controlled manner, with minimal disruption.

There is no job too big for our fleet of UAVs. Our capabilities include:

aerial photos and videos that can be streamed live using powerful cloud-based processing,
high detail 2D and 3D scans, accurate to one pixel per one square centimetre,
image stitching that creates a detailed 2D map quickly, within a few hours,
thermal imaging to identify electrical faults, pests, water leaks, conditioned air, and thermal hot spots.

Flight operations can be performed by one person in some circumstances. However, as the pilot is focused on the UAV, we prefer to work with a team.

Dynamic sites can introduce new hazards to an operational work area. We understand just being on an industrial worksite carries its own unique safety hazards and risks.

A dedicated ground crew team, supports the pilot to ensure the hazards and risks are minimised throughout both ground and flight operations. We document all stages of our jobs, to ensure safety guidelines are adhered to and risk mitigation is maximised, while delivering a professional product to our client.

All our pilots are licensed and CASA certified. We are comprehensively insured. Our expert flight crews have spent tens of thousands of kilometers flying together around Australia. We have had 0 incidents. Our well trained teams consistently surpass our clients’ expectations, in delivering a safe and professional product.

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Goes the extra mile to get the result. perfect for you!
Callum Mackenzie, Mackay & Sons, Mar 2019

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