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Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill

DPM Envirosciences is a professional services company founded on our strong reputation for quality; delivering robust science to inform project planning and approvals. We have since expanded our capabilities into the safe, accurate and cost-effective collection of data using UAVs to conduct aerial mapping, aerial survey, and aerial spotting. This service offering compliments our existing environmental services capabilities, providing a value-add to existing projects as well as enabling DPM Envirosciences to offer stand-alone services in aerial photography and mapping.

As both scientists and drone operators, we understand the benefits and applications of high resolution geo-referenced orthomosaics, photogrammetry and volume calculations to achieve time and cost efficiencies, as well as improved safety in data collection. Our clients include managers of natural areas, construction projects and mining operations. We are also happy to assist with smaller projects such as obtaining aerial photographs or video for real estate sales and other purposes. No project is too small.

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