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Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill

Lesecta Surveying are at the forefront of the Melbourne aerial drone surveying field. Aerial Drone Data can improve the workflow on your construction site with daily, weekly or monthly flyovers, by producing dense 3D point clouds and high definition orthomosaics TIFF files, driven by 3DR Site Scan. This service enables documentation of projects and proposals in detail and the use of real-time intelligence. The ability to analyse a site from the air is a game changer in the construction industry. Some of Lesecta’s Aerial Drone Data specialities include:

Create dense 3d point clouds, DTMs with accuracy down to the centimetre using GCPs
Capture Reality to better estimate design and engineering projects
3D volume calculations
Overlay your design to better understand your site and monitor progress
Use real time project intelligence to track progress and build faster
Maximise the impact of your tenders with real time intelligence, high definition images and a dense 3d point clouds from site scan
Document projects in detail
QA and QC construction progress
Export data in Autodesk BIM 360, Civil 3d, Revit and Infaworks

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