Flawless Imaging (previously Horizon Aerial) Clayton L.

Clayton has been listed since Feb. 2016
Film & TV Business / corporate video Residential property Commercial property Events (e.g. sport, wedding, festival) Construction and engineering

Clayton Lloyd is a highly trained specialist with 25 years experience in the design, print, photography and video and now aerial video industries.

Some of the clients that Clayton has worked with over the years include Kellogg’s, Nike, Qantas, Elle McPherson, Sara Lee, Dunlop, Vogue, Revlon, ACP magazines, Knockout Media, Media 21, Bauer Media, Home Ice Cream, and a large number of local businesses such as Byron Bay Cookie Company, Pacific Farms, Mariani, Farmhouse Gourmet, Brook Farm, Mother Megs, Byron Bay Coffee Company plus local real estate agencies, restaurants and industry suppliers.

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good job- Toby de Jong at 44 Magnum and Clayton lloyd at Flawless Imaging
Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, Feb 2018

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