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National Drones is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certified end-to-end aerial data solutions provider covering drone services, consultancy, software and training for large scale businesses throughout Australia. Our aim is to enable organisations to transform their operations utilising UAV data to work safer, faster and smarter.

You can hire a drone operator in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart.

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Shoichi, MC Communication , Feb 2020
Carl, Webster limited, Sep 2018
Nice job
Michael, Sep 2018
Thanks Victors. This job has now been completed and closed.
Emma Zablocki, May 2018
We went with John Kirton from National Drones. Give him 7 stars!!! John was amazing! went above and beyond what we were expecting on the day. Well worth bumping him up your list of operators. He was professional, everything and more of what we required. Thanks for helping us out on this very successful shoot :)
Julian, May 2018
National Drones were very obliging, professional, so easy to work with and we really appreciate them coming and being part of our information day.
Ruth Aveyard, Gunning District Landcare, Apr 2018
I did the RePL & AROC course with National Drones Institute. I found the course structure of online/class worked better for me, and the 'interactive' sessions of the course were engaging and interesting. Overall, i'd rate the process 4.5/5 (no-ones perfect lol).
Darrell Geaghan, Apr 2018
We did go ahead with Ivan Wiley from National Drones. They were very accommodating, professional and on time! The photography picked up more than what we had asked for and will certainly be looking to use them again for future projects.
ollie, Apr 2018
We went with Vic from National Drones and we have been very happy with their work so far.
Jim, Mar 2018
The job was been done great by Tom Canning from National Drone.
Elita, Mar 2018
We've hired Tom Canning of National Drones for the job. He has done the first flight (we're going to be doing several over the next year to record construction progress) and we're very happy with the results so far.
David, Feb 2018
The job went very well, John was very professional and patient. He provided all the information required for our client in terms of safety, insurance, etc. The final result was very good given the conditions, we will definitely work with National Drones again if we have some jobs in Queensland.
Elodie, Menard, Dec 2017
John Kirton from National Drones is a roof inspector by trade which was exactly what we were looking for.He did a fab job - sent some great pics and provided a good report. We thgt it was good value for money too. Definitely worth the 5 star rating!!
Ella Reilly, Oct 2017
David Warner at National Drones has done a great job!
Ben Hewlett, Aug 2017
The job went very well. Jeff Stubber of National Drones was great.
Mitchell Lang, Form Designs Australia, Jan 2017
Richard, Pells Sullivan Meynink, Dec 2016

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