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Shooting Picture has been in business as a video production company for over 25 years covering all aspects of corporate, sales, marketing, training & documentary and only recently have extended into the UAV market.

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Shane did a great job even with minimal direction.He gave prompt responses to all communications, and got us the shots we needed quickly, all for a very fair rate.
Silas, NOCO, Feb 2021
Shane was great to deal with on all levels, absolute pro. Will engage again. Thanks
Lex, Feb 2021
Highly recommend, easy to deal with.
Greg, Oct 2019
Shane was very amenable and took extra effort to meet my requirements. Would definitely use him again.
Camille, May 2019
Shane was a pleasure to deal with on this project. The client and ourselves were very happy with the end result.
Linda, Young Partners Agency, May 2018
Shooting Picture Partners did a great job!
Tom, Apr 2018
I hired Shane McLachlan of Shooting Picture Partners. He did a great job! He paid great attention to detail and made sure to find out exactly what I needed done and gave advice to make the project better. We had some weather and construction challenges and Shane was great to work through them all and still finish the job in a timely matter. The finished product was exactly what I was looking for.
Amelia Prime, Mar 2018
Shane McLachlan from Shooting Picture Partners was fantastic. He was very responsive and went out of his way to do get us what we needed.
Michael Zhang, Mar 2018
The bloke Shane McLachlan was excellent! He did a great job and was very reliable.
Howard Barkhan, Jun 2017
Good photos for the new house
Yelena Smetannikov, Mar 2017
Shane McLachlan did a fantastic job - just a pleasure to work with and delivered exceptional results. Brilliant! Shane has a cinematographer’s eye for great composition and he really knows how to get both the optimum exposure and utilise filters - as well as a grade for an impeccable image. Plus he is just so easy toward with. As a producer/director he made my job a breeze.
Marcelle Lunam, Mar 2017

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