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Autonomous Technology (UAS) is a culmination in decades of research and engineering to arrive at the cutting edge of unmanned Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) flight. Providing multiple platforms for higher accuracy and rapid turnaround times. Bringing a cost effective alternative to current aerial and terrestrial survey data collection and processing.

Autonomous Technology (UAS) has consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of capturing and processing data from aerial and terrestrial images. Autonomous Technology is currently fully utilised today for a variety of geotechnical analysis and survey applications across the commercial and mining sector.

Autonomous Technology have the solutions with reliability and consistency in the field operating purposed built aircraft to suit the civil and mining environment. All aircraft are designed, built and operated in Australia.

Autonomous Technology is leading the way in unmanned aerial systems. As a company who manufacturers and operates UAS machines they are tailor built for the individual needs of each jobs undertaken.

Investing in best practise technology leads our company to design and develop ‘Vertical Take-off and Landing’ and fixed wing systems. These machines are not limited in any way to large areas, slow speed requirements of photogrammetry or harsh weather conditions. This ensures Autonomous Technology provides class leading results.

With over 7 year in both the commercial and residential sectors, Autonomous Technology has consistently been able to supply data on a monthly basis with a 100% proven track record on the scope and specifications required by our valued clients.

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5 Reviews

Carlos is great to deal with and quick to reply, They offer a great service
Bill, South East Queensland Drone Services, Feb 2020
Carlos from Autonomous Technology was great to speak with, and is happy to offer advice and insight. Course prices are quite reasonable and I'll certainly be using them for any future training requirements.
Scott, Dec 2018
FABIO GOMES VERCH, XFly Aerial Media, Aug 2018
I did the RePL plus aeronautical radio certification through Autonomous Technilogy in Munster. Jerry was the course trainer and was very good at delivering the course content and had great practical experience from years of working in the industry. The course format (online exams and 2 day practical) suited my needs. I would recommended this company as a training provider and have done so with friends and employees of mine that are interested in getting there RePL.
Roger Bryant, Aug 2018
Still studying with Autonomous technologies. So far so good
Chad Musca, Jul 2018

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