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John has been listed since May. 2016
Film & TV Residential property Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering

Stunning aerial cinematography - Beautiful property photographs - Insurance inspection and assesments - We have both the aircraft and the experience to a save you time and money. Most importantly, we deliver results.

Morrison Aerial Robotics is a performance focused UAV technology company with 35 years experience in aviation. Our drones are operated by professional pilots with a wide experience across the most demanding environments.
​Our aerial video drones range from the popular little Inspire Pro up to our 18Kg - 1200mm heavy lift octo-copters for large camera lifts and agricultural work.
Our fixed wing aircraft are ADS-B equipped and capable of multi spectral crop analysis over a large crop sites. We also specialise in aviation sensitive operations and have experience in security work. We can deliver contour mapping, volumetric stockpile survey, crane logistics, bridge surveys and meet the many data deliver demands of the mining and construction industry.

So whether you need a quick and cheap "million dollar" looking photo of your property or an NDVI analysis of your 500 hectare nut farm - we can "cover" it.

Another popular service we offer our regular clients is a mentoring program. If your business requires ongoing aerial imaging we can help you select suitable candidates from within your existing staff to train and operate your OWN aircraft. Nothing delights us more at MAR to see a small business gain their own wings and enjoy the freedom and productivity that these machines bring.

Let your imagination take off!

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