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Film & TV Business / corporate video Construction and engineering Mine site, quarry or landfill Training

Droneit are the experts when it comes to high-definition aerial photography and filming for tourism, sporting events, commercials and all facets of business – from real estate, to mining, to construction and beyond….

As a fully CASA certified and insured commercial drone operator, Droneit sits at the cutting edge of ultra-HD aerial vision creation.

The team behind Droneit comes from a variety of high profile backgrounds in aviation, media, business and sport. We are passionate about the potential of using drones to create stunning imagery and are dedicated to working with authorities to regulate this new industry for safety, risk management and legislation. We work ethically, by the book and guarantee amazing images.

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All relevant information was supplied online and was tested and passed to obtain my RePL but there was no training involved, I guess that's why the course only cost $995.00
Phil, Jul 2020
Joel, Jul 2020
Mattia, Jun 2020
Jordan Smith, Feb 2020
Enjoying the informative course ... thanks for the assistance
Marcus Web, Jan 2020
I put in a request via Drones for hire for drone training courses in my area- unfortunately there were no trainers nearby but I had several offers delivered to me within a week (during the holiday season too). I selected "Droneit" as they had the most competitive price at the time and all of the content is on an easy -to -use, on line portal. I recommend them.
Mark, Jan 2020
I wanted to find an REPL and REOC course in Newcastle. There are a few well established providers and I was going to go with UAVAir. But their classes are in person during business hours. I was contacted by Droneit first and they offer online learning for less cost. I signed up and I'm on my way with Droneit! Looking forward to new work and fun opportunities in the future.
Luke, UAVSquad , Sep 2019
I am going thought droneit coz I can do most of it online from home. And then do the practical up in Brisbane is the closest I could find.
Jake, Aug 2019
Gary, Jul 2019
The training thus far is very good
Colin, Jun 2019
Lee from Drone It came out for this project. He was on time, professional and produced exactly what we wanted. I recommend him and would use their services again.
Mr Matthew L Fay, Jun 2019
Good training
Vikram, Mar 2019
Tim Ashford, Dec 2018
Daniel Armstrong, TTI, Oct 2018
good training
Nicole Holmes, Oct 2018
Terry Southall, Sep 2018
No complaints. Everything was explained well.
Trung Tran, Aug 2018
Still doing the course slowly through Droneit. Course is going well and Droneit are supportive. I’d give them and the course a 5 start rating.
Kyle Johnson, Jul 2018
I have finished the online modules. Waiting for the practical training and the rest to be completed. So far I am happy with their service.
Mohsen, Jul 2018
Done the course with DroneIt and it went well thanks
lorenzo, Jul 2018
I am doing my course online through Droneit. From the first correspondence with Droneit all the way up to present the experience has been an absolute delight dealing with them I cant fault them in any way. They have not only been very informative and professional but have been extremely friendly and only to happy to answer any questions I have asked.
Scott Jones, Jul 2018
Good communications. Could improve online course student support contact details.
Mark Crawford, Outsource Consulting, Jun 2018
I have enrolled in a course with Droneit, which so far has been good.
Tom, Jun 2018
I am in the final stages of completing my RePL / AROC / ELP courses with “Drone It”. So far the experience has been positive.
Rodney, Jun 2018
I've signed up with Droneit in Brisbane for the course, and so far so good - they were terrific to deal with. Have only just started the theory element, so fingers crossed all goes well.
Erin Reimer, Jun 2018
I went with DroneIT, good training
Brandon, May 2018
I am in the middle of the course and it is going fine. I am using Droneit training.
Michael Wyatt, Apr 2018
I successfully completed my RePL course. 5 Stars for DroneIT.
Andrew Harris, Mar 2018

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