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First Site Imaging is a fully certified drone business specialising in creative imaging. We love photography and video. That's all we do.

Drone technology has opened up unlimited possibilities for enhancing promotional photography and videography. First Site Imaging, a leading Newcastle drone business, now makes this new technology available to everyone.
We provide drone solutions for those who prefer to focus on creative content. We eliminate the need to purchase expensive equipment and maintain CASA certification.
All our drones have a separate remote control for the camera they carry. It is simple to operate and gives talented photographers or video producers complete control of the camera framing, and all its settings.

We supply all equipment and fully licensed UAV pilots to focus on flying safely. We fly. You shoot!

First Site Imaging can also arrange complete video and photography packages for real estate and business promotion purposes. A convenient one-stop-shop.

We can supply any combination of:
Drone photography,
Ground photography,
Floor plans,

Why use drones?
Drone photography and video help your business or property stand out from the crowd. Aerial photos help add context, they show where a property or business is located in relation to important surrounding features. A drone photo can show proximity to a beach or the location of the nearest shops, as well as countless other desirable contextual attributes.
They can also show the facilities of a tourism business all in one photograph; tennis courts, pools, and walking trails. One picture is worth a thousand words! The potential is endless.
Only certified operators can legally fly drones large enough to carry proper cameras, and provide the image quality you need to proudly present your assets and brand.

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