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Darren has been listed since Jul. 2016
Commercial property Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill

Aerial Asset Insights goal is to provide the industry with solutions for faster and safer inspections, the deployment of UAV’s is one example of those solutions. To offer our clients the highest quality of service Aerial Asset Insight has employed world leading technologies from the beginning with several specialists that improve the use of UAV’s. With this we can offer years of expertise within a young company.

Aerial Asset Insight is one of the few companies in the Australia which is capable of offering a complete asset inspection service. We originally broke ground within water utilities and construction demonstrating an asset inspection service that has transformed asset management for large and small companies around Australia.

It is our commitment to always offer the latest in technology, this combined with rigorous training and pilot certifications we can guarantee not only the very best value for money to our customers and maintain a safety above all else philosophy. Our team of CASA certified pilots and Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers means you can be assured of the very best product all produced internally with no time consuming external agencies.

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