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Australian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Service
Who are we?
The Australian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Service (AUAVS) is an operational unit of Surf Life Saving Services Pty Ltd (SLSS). The AUAVS is the provider of the largest coastal UAV (drone) surveillance program in the Southern Hemisphere, and has the experience and capability tooperate UAVs for a range of different public safety uses across both the NSW coastline, as well as nationally and internationally.
These include:
• Marine Search and Rescue (SAR)
• Incident Response and Support
• Wildlife Surveillance
• Event Safety and Risk Mitigation
• Beach Assessment and Mapping
• Aerial Data Collection and Analysis

Where do we operate?
AUAVS employs more than 100 qualified UAV Operators and UAV Pilots each season, who deliver UAV surveillance across nominated and identified locations, working alongside lifesaving patrols and professional lifeguard services. These surveillance services are also a highly valuable asset within the Surf Life Saving Emergency Response System, able to be tasked to local incidents.

The UAVS currently operates two core UAV programs across NSW; the NSW Government Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) program (34 locations) and the Westpac Life Saver Drone program (27 locations). These programs provide a highly visible aerial presence in every coastal Council of NSW.

What do we do?
We provide a highly professional drone surveillance service
Our trained UAV Staff (Operators and Pilots) deliver exceptional service across a range of different environments, working alongside anyone from lifesaving volunteers, professional lifeguard services, Police, Ambulance, and Fire and Rescue staff to protect and improve public safety. These skills are also highly applicable to operations inland from the coast and we welcome any and all opportunities to deliver tailored and unique services across Australia, as well as internationally.

We deliver unique and flexible UAV training
The AUAVS currently offers unique Excluded Category training through our UAV Operator Induction Program (UAV OIP). This training program, with deployment of learning content through Canvas, as well as two practical components, teaches how to be as safe as they can as they safely operate our UAVs under the Standard Operating Conditions set out by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). These courses, able to be delivered by our in-house trainers across all states, are a great way of ensuring safe operations and compliance with aviation regulations.

We are constantly developing our scope of service and adding capabilities to our team of skilled operators
Operating under a CASA Remote Operator’s Certificate, we have various capabilities within our current scope, including:
• Operation of any unmanned aerial vehicle up to 150kgs;
• Operation of fixed wing aircraft, powered lift, and multi-rotor aircraft types;
• Spraying licenses and knowledge; and
• Operations within extended visual line of sight (EVLOS).
Drone education and safety
We work alongside CASA to actively promote the Know Your Drone safety campaign messages, which are referenced in our training material and in word-of-mouth conversations between staff and members of public. Our staff are trained to educate the public during their operations about safe drone (UAV) operation.

Volunteer capability and integration
We work alongside Surf Life Saving New South Wales (SLSNSW) Branches, Clubs and members to provide them with UAV kits, training, job planning/risk assessment systems, and one-on-one support needed to deliver UAV surveillance as part of their lifesaving operations. This includes mobile units utilized alongside the SLSNSW Duty Officer emergency call-out teams, who are tasked to major coastal incidents.

We generate finds which we invest towards volunteer lifesaving services and to support our volunteers
As a member of the Surf Life Saving Services (SLSS) family, all surplus funds from the AUAVS operations are provided back through SLSNSW to support volunteer lifesaving programs and services within NSW. Additionally, where possible the AUAVS recruits from the existing base of UAV-trained SLSNSW volunteers. This ensures we use local knowledge of surf conditions built up over many years and provide a pathway for our members who have the skills and experience of patrolling our beaches.

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