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Film & TV Events (e.g. sport, wedding, festival) Asset or industrial inspection

Airtime is based on the Victorian Surf Coast but our clients base is Australia wide, from the central harbour of Sydney to the remote Northern Territory, Perth and Kimberley regions of WA. Our clients range from working with Hollywood movie stars such as Guy Pearce, Leaman Films and Robot Army Productions, to nation wide TV shows and commercials, council contracts, Universities, and Victorian Surfing events.

At airtime we know that RPAS (Drone) technology can truly capture the imagination of our clients with never before seen imaging capabilities, but it is our skill and experience that is the key to utilising this technology with consistently safe and professional results.

As the owner and director of Airtime, Jack Garnett brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that serves Airtime exceptionally well in the fast moving Drone space. His broad skills and experience base includes work in film and TV, both in front and behind the camera, as well as Bachelor studies in Digital System Robotics, Computer Science, Teaching, Leadership, Remote Rescue, Paramedicine and Psychology. Jack sets the tone for safety and professionalism on all Airtime jobs which is built upon his 13 years of experience serving the Victorian community as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic.

Airtime looks forward to servicing your aerial imaging needs and showing you a truly inspired perspective. Let tomorrows solutions be captured today.

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