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Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Emergency Services

Insitu is leading the way in providing solutions for autonomous aerial survey, inspection and surveillance, combined with advanced data analytics and product delivery. Insitu has introduced game-changing solutions for commercial customers in the mining, oil and gas and civil construction sectors.

We offer scalability from small multi-rotor and fixed wing RPAS, to manned bridge capabilities across the globe.

To meet the challenges of monitoring and assessing high value assets over large geographies, our advanced broad area survey capabilities, including High Accuracy Photogrammetry (HAP) and Light Detection & Ranging (LiDAR) are exciting technologies that can deliver fast, accurate information. These capabilities provide quick spatial information and products on a daily basis, rather than traditional survey techniques which can take weeks or even months.

Insitu's ability to operate both day and night, Beyond Visual Line of sight in linear and broad acre scenarios allows for meaningful, multi-intelligence data collection through proactive monitoring and change detection.

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