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WF Drone Services is a 100% Australian owned & operated business, who are diversely experienced in many different fields including the Heavy Industrial, Rail, Mining, Water & Wastewater industries. Originating in the Maitland area 10 years ago, our experience with Drones, & Drone Technologies came about with building, testing & flying the latest Drone products on the market from flight controllers, cameras, Tx's, Rx's & much, much more.
Our fleet has been built & upgraded over years of flying & testing locally for mainly recreational purposes.
Our range of Drones, include the latest products from DJI, as well as modified Delta Wings, V-Tails, & Normal winged planes. Most of our fleet are Delta wings as they are very stable, & a great platform for all external devices to be mounted.
Mission Statement:
WF Drone Services are dedicated to giving the greatest value to our customers through providing Safety, reliable service, dedication and commitment to quality work in the Drone Industry. We take great pride in our work, our staff are highly skilled & trained professionals, focused on providing superior customer service.

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