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Asset or industrial inspection Environmental or large area Agriculture

Having been involved with UAV development for the past five years under the umbrella of Ark Associates P/L, Ascendimagineering has developed innovative approaches to Wild Fire detection and Search and Rescue. We are also involved with 3D mapping in visual and Infra Red and long range Geomagnetic survey.
We also offer high quality Photography and Videography with full edit and production facilities such that we can offer a full audio visual understanding of Industrial and Commercial buildings and facilities. Real Estate and Development opportunities can be fully understood using innovative 3D mapping and virtual fly through.
Most of all we enjoy being involved in new and exciting projects where we can move forward safe UAV development and use.
We carry full Public Liability Insurance and are Certified to operate UAV whilst holding Australian Government [CASA] Operating Certification.
Safety and Professionalism are core to our principles.

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