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Peter has been listed since Jun. 2022
Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture

I started out of necessity - could not get anyone to spray our block with a drone, now I do all our neighbor's and others far and wide.
I have a drone that has a 16 liter spray tank, and a jetseeder for spreading seed, super and other granular products you will be surprised at the Ha we can cover in a day.
My drone will operate autonomously with RTK/GNSS technology that provides cm accuracy.
Whether on broadacre crops, horticulture, forestry, mine sites, vegetable or fruit crops, woody weeds on hills or glasshouse roof, the drone is capable of spraying liquid, spreading seed or fertiliser with uniformity and precision.
No Compaction (increase in yield no wheel tracks), efficient and way cheaper than a a Helicopter.
We can spray your glasshouse roof white in summer and spray the cleaner in Autumn.
Casa Licensed and EPA licensed

XAG P30, Phantom 4

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