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A specialised Asset Inspection service aimed at providing a digital library of your assets. Online reporting and PDF output targeting defect detection, building code compliance, safety access points and asset lifecycle stages.

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We were very happy with the SWARM guys, did a great job.
Matt Dow, Mar 2016
I think it would be best to be able to ask operators how you want them to contact you. Phone calls were too many to deal with. At least with emails I could look at their websites or information before calling them. Swarm were great to deal with and helped me to work out the best way to get what we needed.
Imogene, Feb 2016
The rating is based on the fact that after the first phone call (with quote) I received from Ryan, I found him a little hard to get hold of, and I had to initiate all contact from then on.  I felt a little like my job had been shuffled back as it wasn't a large job.

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