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Julius has been listed since Oct. 2016
Business / corporate video Commercial property Golf course Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture Emergency Services Training

Choosy is not part of our vocabulary. We'd love to be part of your stand-out success, be it in your commercial, industrial or bridal videography and photography needs, anywhere in the country. We even redefine the concept of office hours and spaces as we fly day and night just to complete your chosen mission. Ideally, we can work too with your team of professional videographers and production staff to deliver shots that they can integrate in your audio and visual productions.

We are fearless because we are prepared. We value our team of talented and professional pilots who'll reach the sky for you. Thus, we use aviation meteorological reports to determine weather standards and airtime conditions. We respect nature's limits and understand the need to adjust accordingly to avoid any casualties.

Fantastic results are born from regularly maintaining and consistently checking equipment and gadgets for faults and ensuring perfect working condition. We maintain our drones as if we maintain a real life aircraft. With amazing aerial footage, you'll have more than detailed, never-before-seen perspectives-you'll have the most stand-out memories that will seal the most impressive impressions.

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