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Sea Ulcer Aerial Media uses advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to capture creative photography and cinematography from full 1080p up to 4K resolution, we specialize in television and film footage for surfing, drone fishing, real estate and inspections, sports games, wild life, winery and vineyard marketing, special events, and much more. Our base is on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia but our staff and drones are fully insured to operate worldwide.

The UAVs we use are quadcopters that can maneuver in spaces people and other equipment cannot. The results are breathtaking aerial photographs and video footage – that perfect angle in the best light.

Our team has over a decade of combined experience in public safety and we employ advanced safety techniques in all areas of drone operation during projects. We obtain all required CASA permits and permissions prior to flight, whether running a simple photo shoot or acquiring complicated aerial video coverage, clients can expect not only top-notch quality and service but also unmatched safety protocols.

Sea Ulcer Aerial Media is fully insured with a comprehensive liability policy and all pilots are CASA certified.

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