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Inflight Imagery is an aerial media business aimed at helping clients stand out from the crowd. We provide a unique perspective of your company, service or asset in a safe and efficient manner. Not only do we have the qualification and tools for the job, we have the creative vision to showcase your project in the best possible way.

Inflight Imagery can provide footage in raw or edited formats (photos and high resolution video). We can also live stream footage via HDMI to monitors and TV's for inspection purposes.

All Inflight Imagery operations use UAV controller certified pilots, are conducted under a CASA certified UOC and are covered by public liability insurance covering damage to infrastructure, equipment and civilians.

Inflight Imagery also has a fantastic selection of aerial images as art pieces to brighten up any home or office space. Any client of Inflight Imagery receives a discount on any purchases. Corporate deals are welcome.

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Josh Abbott from Inflight Imagery did a great job for me.
Anastasia Pirogova, May 2017
Job was done by Inflight Imagery Josh Abbott He did an excellent job and happy to give him 5 stars
Joe Chindarsi, Apr 2017

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