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Marcus has been listed since May. 2015
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AUSIG was born out of a passion for aviation and the desire to create spectacular images.

Never before have we had such power to bring the imagery of our dreams into reality. Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA’s) are todays magic carpet’s, flying us to places we previously only dreamt of getting a shot!

This passion for flight combined with cinematography has brought together professionals of a broad range of experiences to form the team that is CineBird Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems; with professional video editors, camera operators and technical engineers with decades of experience in broadcast television, to professional photographers, corporate business consultants and computer technicians.

Aerial cinematography is “all about the shot” and each member of the team is a perfectionist in their own right. But the one thing we hold in higher regard than perfection in cinematography is the safe delivery of our services. CineBird is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operator – UOC No. 1-12O44L-2. We are compliant with Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) Part 101. CASA have issued CineBird with an UAV Operators Certificate having assessed that we are compliant and are safe to operate. This is reflected in our company’s operational guidelines and procedures.
CineBird’s obligation to public safety and risk mitigation extends to our public liability insurance cover with QBE with whom we have a solid working relationship around the ongoing assessing of safety and risk management.

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