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Welcome to Brett Price Aerial Photography, where I bring nearly two decades of experience to your drone photography needs. Holding a remote pilot's license since 2014, I specialise in delivering precise and high-quality aerial images for a range of applications.

**Level Views:**
Gain prospective views before construction begins. Use drone imagery to visualise potential layouts and designs with precision, ensuring every detail of your infrastructure and landscaping is accounted for.

**Roof Inspections:**
Eliminate risky climbs with drone-based roof inspections. Detect damage, leaks, or structural issues early with high-resolution images, conducting thorough assessments without disrupting daily operations.

**Vertical Rectified Images:**
Provide comprehensive construction progress reports, document milestones, and maintain accuracy in project documentation with precise aerial images.

**45-Degree Angle Shots:**
Capture sites from unique aerial perspectives, showcasing landscapes, properties, and landmarks in stunning detail. Create captivating visual content for marketing and promotional materials.

**Drone Aerial Video for Marketing Property Developers:**
Produce stunning aerial videos that market properties and developments from breathtaking angles. Engage potential buyers and investors with immersive, dynamic aerial videos.

For tailored drone aerial photography services that elevate your projects and marketing efforts, contact me, Brett Price, at [email protected] or call 0403734402. Discover more at [](


Photoshop, Lightroom, PIX4d, Dronedeploy

Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Mini 3 Pro


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Was very good to deal with, reasonable in price and very accommodating!
Jan, Feb 2016

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