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I have compleated my PhD in Geomatic Engineering from university of Tasmanina and have around 10 year profesional experience in the field of remote sensing (Drone and satellite) for agriculture. During my Ph.D., I used the field and drone remote sensing sensors for precision agriculture, I investigated the relationship between canopy structural and spectral attributes derived from field-based remote sensing and crop development and physiology, growth and yield of the Tasmanian poppy. I utilised visible, thermal and multispectral cameras using airborne and field-based platform. Moreover, I used handheld spectroradiometer, SPAD meter (also conducted lab analysis for chlorophyll estimation) and thermal cameras for investigation of leave chlorophyll and crop yield. I have developed a unique combination of skills in fieldwork, remote sensing data acquisition/image processing (calibration, validation, interpret and analysis). I have developed a simplified method to calibrate raw imagery to spectral reflectance. Moreover, I calibrated SPAD meter for leave chlorophyll estimation. I have conducted nine flight campaigns by my own to collect multispectral remote sensing data to predict crop yield. My Ph.D. thesis contributions to knowledge fall into following major categories; poppy crop development, Drone remote sensing, field-based and proximal remote sensing, applied statistics (machine learning) and remote sensing for crop yield estimation. Prior to that I have worked as lecturer and researcher (remote sensing and GIS for agriculture), where I used satellite and filed based remote sensing data for agriculture. Prior to that in term of education I compleated my MS GIS and Remote Sensing, BE Agricultural Engineering).

I have more than ten years of work experience in various natural resources management projects in research and consulting environment. These projects were related to sustainable and precision agriculture, surface and groundwater interaction modeling for sustainable agriculture, crop yield estimation using satellite and drone based remote sensing and GIS, sustainable pesticide application, performance assessment of irrigation system, Asset inspection and management and Drone based surveying and mapping.

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Excelent Service!!
Peter Nelson, Nelson Agriculture, May 2019
Faheem perfromed Drone based work for my research. During that research eh collectt the drone based data and performed analysis to conver raw data in to actionable information. I would rate him one of the outstading person to fly drone and conduct image analysis for actionable mapping.
Farukh Iqbal, University of Tasmania, May 2019
I was able to use dron to fly our quarry sites and give an estimate of the crushed on site material for council to meet the required reporting obligation under the minning license. Morver, collect drone based RGB data to perfrom road and footpath inspection. I perfomed drone based work up to highest standard and my manager was always happy with my outstanding skills to achive quality within timeframe. Morover, I am highly skilled in flying dron to collect data, processing till final actionable information converstion.
Faheem Iqbal, HuonValley Concil, May 2019

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