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At CCADS, we pride ourselves on supplying a dependable and prompt service that supplies quality high resolution imagery solutions. Apart from obtaining eye catching clear crisp real estate imagery and 4k or 6k high resolution video artistry. We specialise in the area of Agriculture intelligence and aerial application of herbicide/pesticide, granulated fertiliser and seeds. EPA and CASA licenced and approved.

Accurately check the performance and growth of crops or trees with the aid of our advanced multispectral service. Supplying exact data and an advanced insight to your harvest. Monitor for the potential onset or spread of pests and disease early to reduce losses. Accelerate your breeding program by identifying desirable traits at an early stage. Taking samples for soil testing is now a thing of the past. Uploading prescription maps to our Agras Agriculture RPA is now the present. Utilise less herbicide/pesticide, apply fertiliser where it is really needed and watch your yields increase. Licenced by EPA for spraying aerial application and business operations

The advanced properties of CCADS thermal imaging technology provides a service that can find potential damage and faults on solar panels effectively and easily while reducing any potentially dangerous tasks unnecessarily.

CCADS services span across multiple sectors, trades and industries. Our applications are adaptable and can be customised to integrate easily into businesses existing workflows.

Explore our vast capabilities and see how we can make your life easier and safer.

Dependant on operational requirements.

All thermal, multispectral, lidar and high res orthomosic mapping processed in-house on our custom built hydro liquid cooled Ryzen 9 GeForce RTX 3080 Monster with 2TB Samsung NVMe and a whooping 64gig RAM makes easy work of any dataset and ensures QA and dataset security for the more sensitive requirements

Agras T10, Phantom P4 Multispectral, Matrice 300 RTK, Matrice 200 V2, Inspire, Evo Pro II, Custom Built Cinelift - 6k REZ, LIDAR, THERMAL, MULTI-SPEC, 180x ZOOM INSPECTION. SPRAY & SPREADER

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