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Kimberly has been listed since Aug. 2022
Asset or industrial inspection Construction and engineering Environmental or large area Mine site, quarry or landfill Agriculture

Skyspec Drone Services provides a growing range of drone services targeted at agriculture and agronomic services, natural resource management, property mapping and mining and quarrying and infrastructure inspections.

Owner and operator Kimberly Olsen has been involved in agriculture and natural resource management spanning everything from aquaculture research, plant breeding to sustainable agriculture programs. She has advised the Australian Govt Science Panel on sustainable agriculture initiatives and programs to deliver environmental gains while increasing profitability and productivity. She has worked with agronomists and in areas ranging from sugar cane to horticulture and grazing.

Kimberly was Senior Project Officer in the sustainable agriculture team at NQ Dry Tropics where she gained a range of skills from NRM project management, precision agriculture and mapping.

Kimberly previously consulted to industry, mining and exploration in her role as a technical specialist, so has a very broad range of skills.

$125 per hour or quote per hectare

Field Agent, ODM, Skydio 3D Enterprise, Reality Capture, Hammer Missions

Fixed wing with RTK, multispectral and thermal, Phantom 4 Pro v2 with multispectral, Phantom 4 Pro Plus, Phantom 4 Pro, Skydio 2+ with AI Automation and Enterprise 3D, Mavic Mini where noise and size can be an issue.


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