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R2F specialises in the acquisition and processing of high-quality aerial imagery to provide valuable insights for building and construction, mining and aggregates, engineering, environmental and agricultural projects. Using remote piloted aircraft, advanced software and analysis of aerial computer vision using machine learning and artificial intelligence we deliver valuable insights to our customers. We are suppliers of aerial videography, photography, photogrammetry, photomosaic mapping, stock pile analysis and 3d Virtual Photo Modelling.
With over 25 years experience in high risk and high profile commercial building and construction projects and having worked extensively in the petro-chemical, mining and engineering industries we have the expertise to deliver your project safely, to specification and on time. At the centre of our operations is an understanding of our client’s expectations for prompt and reliable service, a safety focused culture and professionalism.

R2F provides accurate aerial data required to deliver their clients projects efficiently and successfully. It is our aim to align ourselves with the values and objectives of our clients and provide them with actionable and accurate aerial data. Drawing on our experience and expertise we provide solutions tailored to our client’s requirements with a focus on quality, safety and exceptional delivery of our services.

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