Falcon UAV Phil L.

Phil has been listed since Jan. 2015
Environmental or large area Agriculture

We specialise in drone services for farmers and environment managers.

• NDVI Crop Health spectral imaging of crops
• Monitoring infrastructure, livestock location and irrigation efficiency
• We can scan 100 to 1mil hectares

We are also distributors of the AgEagle. Simply program in the area to be imaged, add a few elements (wind, direction, etc) and the software creates a flight plan. After launch, handover to the computer and its all automatic after that. The AgEagle is a most economical piece of agricultural equipment, designed to Save Costs and Increase Yield.
All plants radiate Near Infrared, our NIR camera scans the crop and produces a Crop Health Map. Pinpoint problem areas that the human eye cannot see. Ground proof to provide specific solutions; fix the problems, improve yield.

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