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Mothteath & Powys are now (2017) a fully licenced and certified RPAS operator. Previous experience in 3D data capture and analytics allows us to utilise drone technology to capture data, process and produce high quality deliverables not frequently seen in the industry.

Monteath & Powys Surveyors are a leading private company with a proven track record of providing the highest quality property and infrastructure development solutions with over 60 years designing, surveying and supervising projects in Australia.

With leading expertise in:
• 3D laser scanning and 3D visualisation
• GIS & survey management
• GPS & EDM topographic surveys
• Bathymetric surveys
• Digital terrain modelling

From the measurement and modelling of a single structural element within a project to the mapping of a 30-kilometre transport corridor for the design of new rail alignments, our survey systems are challenged by our clients. Three-dimensional data capture and modelling, for many clients, will avoid the risk and time cost of conventional contact survey methods.

The development of mobile data capture systems provides enormous quantities of information to enable measurement with visualisation as presentation for our clients. These include PWCS, Orica, University of Newcastle, GHD and ARTC.

Monteath & Powys have a strong safety culture that is embedded in our office and field operations. We actively foster and reward individual and team safety and inter-dependence with client safety systems.

Monteath & Powys Pty Ltd is third party accredited to ISO 9001 and undergoes annual external audits from BSI, an internationally recognised certifier in Quality Management Systems.

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