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Residential property Commercial property Asset or industrial inspection

Townsville Drone Services is an Arial Asset Inspection Drone service provider. We operate out of Townsville, North Queensland, however we travel Australia Wide. No job is to big or to small for TDS. We Have experience in asset inspections as a remote pilot with Remotely Piloed Aircraft Systems (drones) and also as a payload specialist. We have experience in flying multi-rotor UAV's in areas with high risk and high level tower or assets. We also can conduct operations at both day and night time.

Flight missions that TDS have conducted or participated in are:
Tower Inspections,
Roof and Building Inspections,
Bridge inspections,
Commercial Inspections,
Insurance Company damage reprots with photography,
Tracking of lost people and animal tracking,
Solar Panel Inspections,
Commercial Building Site Aerial Photography, Livestock finding for Graziers,
Large scale fence line inspections,
Land Development,
Promotional Videography,
Promotional Photography,
Property and Real Estate Aerial photography, Aerial Data Analysis including ortho mapping and 3D modelling

TDS has experience in using different software programs available to UAV operators. The software we use is PIX4D and Drone Deploy.

TDS plan their missions with the above mentioned software with the value add of DJI GO Apps and Fly Litchi app for flight control and mission planning.

TDS currently fly a DJI MATRICE 200 with a variety of camer and lens option and a DJI Phantom 4 for weekly training continuing. TDS is confident in operating both these machines in a close proximity environment, normally down to 2.5m depending on a variety of factors will depend on proximity..

TDS has insurance for Public Liability to the value of $10million and have craft and accessories insurance/!

Some of TDS clients that we have worked with are Property and Land Developers, Farmers, Commercial Construction Companies, Electrician Companies, Local UAV Operators and Engineers, Builders and Insurance Companies, Real Estates, Environmental Scientists, and Defence.

Townsville Drone Services is in the process of adding thermal capability to its list of camera available. We will be able to then move into the preventative maintenance work methods in measuring changing heat differences to assist in fixing the fault before it arises meaning a cost effective saving for the client.

Our motto is safety first. We aim to provide all our clients a service that is cost effective, accurate,timely and helps eliminate the risk of injury to employees.

We will only conduct work in accordance with the law. All approvals will be sort prior to conducting the task.

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