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Scott Jacobs and Aerios Productions provide professional videography, cameraman, video production, CASA certified UAV (Drones) operators and video editing services in Sydney, Australia.

With high definition cameras, UAV's (Drones) and professional editing tools, we can make your next video production with skill and flair.

Aerios Productions has experience filming bands, stage shows, festivals, functions, music film clips and even beauty pageants.

In 2014 & 2015 we were involved in the filming, editing and production of the Australian Songwriters Association Awards, which was later broadcast on TVS.

Aerios Productions can also help you boost sales and traffic on your website by producing, filming, and editing your online video content. Videos can be used on your website to explain your business, products and services, in a way that captivates the viewer, and increases the likelihood that they will stay on your page and buy.


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